Friday, January 02, 2009

What can I do for Pakistan?

Recently I've really started thinking about changing the situation of my country Pakistan. Yes, my beloved country is the so-called "haven for terrorists". We harbour tonnes and tonnes of Al-Qaeda agents and this is there oh-so-famous-hideout! *Sigh* It is despiriting to see Pakistan in this light and even more so when I look back on how good things were before. Sometimes I think it is just the news propaganda that is tainting the image of Pakistan. Come on! Things weren't like uptil a few years back... 

Previously we didn't have so many problems and not many (or all) Pakistanis had to worry about where the country was headed. Well, atleast, that was case for me since I moved from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan a few years ago. I didn't really know anything about politics at that time and truth be told not many people were interested in discussing it either. The electronic media was not as developed as it today... we were free from the terror of pseudo "Breaking news" that our news channels love so much. For me, Pakistan was an exciting new place that I couldn't wait to discover. Yes, it had a few flaws and too much garbage lying here and there but, hey, this was my country. I loved it! The people were very welcoming and candid and the best of all I didn't have any trouble in understanding the shopkeeper! Everyone everywhere spoke Urdu... it was just amazing! The sound of people speaking in Urdu was in itself a great pleasure. The bazaars bustling with people and the buses loaded with people. People were literally sandwiched into them like sardines, but, hey, this was my Pakistan. The good, the bad and the ugly! I loved it just as it was. 

However, nowadays, things aren't as they used to be a few years ago. Lack of security , load-shedding, corrupt leaders, unemployment, abuse of human rights, child labour, illeteracy, corrupted minds and souls, broken roads - the list is unending! As a citizen I feel responsible. Where was I when things started going wrong and the country took a turn for the worse? Lost in my world? 

"The job of citizen is to keep his mouth open"~Gunter Grass

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