Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Keeping the media out of Gaza

"...Now the Israeli army is trying the same doomed tactic again. Ban the press. Keep the cameras out. By the morning of Jan 4, only hours after the Israeli army went clanking into Gaza to kill more Hamas members-and, ofcourse, more civilians- Hamas was reporting the capture of two Israeli soldiers. Reports on the ground could have sorted out the truth or lies about that But without a single Western journalist in Gaza, the Israelis were left to tell the world that they didn't know the story was true.

On the other hand, the Israelis are so ruthless that the reasons for the ban on journalism may be quite easily explained: that so many Israeli soldiers are going to kill so many innocents- more than three score by last night, and that's only the ones we know about- the images of slaughter would be too much too tolerate..."

"But the result is that Palestinian voices- as opposed to Western reporters- are now dominating the airwaves. The men and women who are under air and artillery attack by the Israelis are now telling their own story on television and the radio and in the papers as they have never been able to tell it before, without the artificial "balance" which so much television journalism imposes  on live reporting. Perhaps, this will become the new form of coverage- letting the participants tell their own story."  

Excerpts from an article written by Robert Fisk in Dawn Newspaper (6th January, 2009)