Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Palestinian Plight

Israel continued its bloody offensive against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for the second successive day on Sunday, the worst since 1948, rising the number of martyrs so far to more than 300 people and the number of injured to well over 700. The death toll is likely to increase dramatically given the number of serious injuries and the lack of medicaments and first aid means. "Palestine has never seen an uglier massacre," said Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh. In Damascus, Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Meshaal called for a third Palestinian Intifada against Israel. Hamas has vowed revenge including martyrdom operations deep inside the Zionist entity.


Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Sunday that his forces could launch a ground operation in the Strip as part of the offensive dubbed 'Operation Cast Lead'. "We are ready for anything. If it's necessary to deploy ground forces to defend our citizens, we will do so," Barak's spokesman quoted him as saying.
An Israeli government official said the Israeli army has called in thousands of reservists including combat units and home front units.


The Palestinian and Arab public opinion expressed deep disappointment over the failure of the Arab and Islamic governments to exert pressure on Israel to halt its bloody offensive that has been described as a war crime and genocide. 
A Hamas official told The Jerusalem Post that the reason why security installations in the Gaza Strip had not been evacuated before the attack was because the Egyptians had assured his movement that there would be no Israeli attack in the coming days.
"Only hours before the attack, the Egyptians told our representatives that they were under the impression that Israel would not launch an operation," the Hamas official said. "We believe the Egyptians deliberately deceived us because they had given Israel a green light to attack."
Israeli Foreign Minister Tsibi Livni announced Israel√Ęs will to launch an offensive against Gaza from the office of Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, hours before the operation started. 
The Hamas official pointed out that both President Mahmoud Abbas and the Egyptian leaders had announced shortly before the Israeli attack that they were engaged in attempts to resume "national dialogue" between Fatah and Hamas.
Taher a-Nunu, spokesman for the Hamas government, accused "third parties" of involvement in the Israeli effort to overthrow Hamas. However, he refused to name the third parties.

The Jerusalem Post quoted a top Palestinian Authority official in Ramallah as saying that the PA was prepared to assume control over the Gaza Strip if Israel succeeds in overthrowing the Hamas government. However, he denied the PA had urged Israel to launch a massive attack to overthrow the Hamas government.


Israel is not only slaughtering the Palestinean people but also wrongly using the media to justify their slaughter. In the name of bringing 'tranquility and harmony' to the region they are killing hundreds of innocent Palestinian people. This is nothing but clear genocide. And like always in the case of genocide the world will remain a mute spectator and watch on until the last innocent life is taken. We can only pray to Allah to help and protect the Palestinian people in their darkest of hours. May Allah give them hope and strength!