Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mumbai attack: the truth is out!

I regret that the video was not available in English and that my Non-urdu brothers and sisters will be missing out on the truth behind the mumbai attack. I didn't plan to put it up but then I thought it would be unfair not to enlighten-atleast a few people- with the truth. The hardwork that has gone into the research demands that it should be promoted and seen by as many as possible.

Is Pakistan really to blame? I would have honestly taken the blame on myself and my people (really!) if this entire attack had actually been done by my fellow Pakistani. Since there isn't any proof of their involvement and there are dozens and dozens of loopholes in this hoax-drama attack, it's doubtless we haven't done it! (By the way do you know who was responsible for the last attack that India blamed on Pakistan??) I'm surprised that the international media is completely silent and ignorant of the story on the other side of the border. It's really disappointing to know that the media itself is suppressing and gagging the truth.

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