Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Daylight dozing!

Good, I thought, as I went to sleep at twelve thirty yesterday. Atleast, now I'll be able to get up early ! But, before I knew it, all the clocks and watches in my house began running an hour ahead. 'Oh no! Daylight saving!', I groaned and quickly shut my eyes in the hope of falling asleep before I could feel guilty about staying up so late. However, my effort was in vain. I was forced to flee from my room to another room in the house, the room whose clock had not been tampered with. *I slept in peace.*

In the morning, I got up one hour late! Wondering why? Well... since the clock in my room gave a lesser time I continued to slumber way past the time I had to get up at. When I came into the lounge I was horror-struck as I saw the time. *Oh, no! Where is Benjamin Franklin? I ought to turn him black and blue!*

While I got up late, my father ended getting up way before the rooster dares to make a racket! We had made the preparations in his mobile but somehow, the stubborn mobile woke him up at 4 a.m. He went downstairs for Fajr prayer only to find the prayer area empty. *hehe* But, I guess it was a blessing in disguise. My parents got plenty of time to offer extra (Nafl) prayers before the Dawn prayer (Fajr prayer).

Later that day, I heard my sister moaning how terrible the 'Daylight saving' system was. She had had to wait an extra hour for each of her programs. Her timetable had been turned upside-down! No more Pokeman at 5 p.m.! ( Yes, she still watches it!)

Even I felt that 'Daylight saving' had actually reduced my productivity and wasted time rather than saving the daylight time! However, I realized this was the initial feeling. Pretty soon, InshAllah (God-willing) we would adapt and the things would return to routine. Besides, this might help our nation progress. With people relying more on daylight it might make our country more energy-efficient!

Or so I thought. People here are too clever to be fooled by time. They know they are a hour earlier and don't get up before noon. *Sigh*


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