Friday, April 18, 2008

Power Crisis! The good, the bad and the ugly

"Buzzz" "Buzzz" I am sure everyone has heard this familiar buzzz, particularly Karachites. What does it have to do with Power Crisis? Well....everything! That is... if you are a resident of Karachi. The sights and sounds of a mosquito must be around every Karachite these days excluding the top government officials and our leaders. They probably haven't heard of the characterisitc buzzzz of a mosquito. They travel in their bullet proof (and mosquito-proff) cars whizzing past the traffic jams and garbage dums. How could they have even remotely heard of that bugging buzzing buzz?

Anyway, the mosquitoes are family for Karachites. I sometimes think that the aliens have  chosen this very city to breed their endangered species, the beloved 'mosquitoes' ( My sister is always watching Lilo and Stitch! That cartoon puts strange, wacko ideas in my head!)

Thus, the parasitic association between man and mosquito is at its peak in Karachi. All thanks goes to KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation) and ofcourse their foreign allies! Karachi people have never seen htis bond so strong. These days the parasitic association is at its peak with man paying for mosquitoes dinner every night!

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Noor said...

Interesting subject to write on! well.. one thing I must say that the u ve interests in so many things.. [from ur profile]... its refreshing :)

Cheers for you!