Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bakra, bakra, bakra - everywhere!

With Bakra-Eid (Eid-ul-Adha) just around the corner the population of my neighbours has dramatically increased. With the influx of so many of them, I have a great variety of neighbours now. There are all kinds of them. Some brown, white, multi-colored, fat (or just chubby!), some thick-furred or having just a little felt-ish layer, some with really flappy ears and some with small tiddle bittle ears peeking out of the fur. Huh? Who are these neighbours? To find out more about my strange neighbours you can scroll down my blog and have a look at my previous post: “My next-door neighbours!” It will give you some idea about life in this part of the world. One does not need to go all the way to the country to meet cows and goats.

Anyway, my new neighbours are really interesting to watch. They do get really noisy at night (probably competing with the geese who are not as innocent as they look!) So far they are being beefed up by their caretakers. Finely chopped and sliced vegetables served with caviar and oyster sauce. *hehe* The first part is not an exaggeration! They do get to eat chopped carrots!

There is even a rather funny incident about chopped carrots. My sisters were just watching the goats and cows from our apartment building, around evening when a rather dramatic thing happened. One of the caretakers came towards the cow carrying a scary-looking knife. Tying up his kurta and rolling up his sleeves, he wiped the knife on his kurta skillfully. My sisters waited with baited breathed, hardly daring to believe what was going to happen next. Were they going to witness a bakra (goat) get sacrificed? The knife fell. *Silence on my sisters side* The caretaker began slicing some carrots for dinner.

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