Friday, June 16, 2006

Allah-Hafiz- a teary good-bye


Sorry Milk-n-Cookies! I am really really sorry... It's time to say bye-bye... ta-ta , toodles , Allah-Hafiz :(

Before you just start blaming me and eat up all the cookies in my cookie jar-*Sniff* *Sniff*-let me tell you that it is not my decision *wiping out tear*. It just couldn't be my decision-*sniff*-because I could never delete such a good friend from my life...

You were simply great! We had "everything" in common...*Sigh* But, alas , we were never meant to be :( The Pakistani goverment just did not want us to be together . "No talking to blogs" is the law now.

*Sniff**Sniff* They've shut you down and all your brothers and sisters!! They've shut down all the blogs in Pakistan...This was done just because of our stupid goverment and their stupid rules and reasons! I haven't seen you and talked to you for almost one and a half month!All because of them! *bursting into tears*

The noose has been further tightened and my voice has been suppressed...
*Sigh* I'm sorry Milk-n-cookies...I just hope I could have been able to talk to you about my Hajj experience...

But none of us must regret... Allah has always wanted the Muslims to be grateful and thankful in whatever condition they may be. So, we must be happy :D
I've laready started searching for another blog site that the giverment 'has allowed'. And yeah...Just wanted to say: Nice knowing yaa !:P

There is loads to be done even inside the jail-like trying to escape!

P.S:Do finish up the cookies...They've been lying in the jay for the past one and a half month!

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