Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A plane back to "home sweet home"

Assalam-o-Alaikum wa rahmatullahai barakatohoo! (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you)

Right now I’m nibbling onto some delicious, mouth-watering Pakistani delight called “barfee”. (Seriously, I cannot write without a good food-bite!) I haven’t posted anything for…let’s see…Almost more than a month according to my calculations... Yeah I think so, but I’ve got a reasonable explanation for that: Exams! I have spent the last few weeks completely isolated in my living room or gallery surrounded by mammoth-size towers of books. I just got off the hook about four days ago and I couldn’t be happier.

Actually, the happiness is not just over the winter holidays –besides, can you call a week off from school “Holidays” and a time to just goof around!? The real thing I was really looking forward to was performing Hajj. My father mentioned this in one of our Internet-chats about a month back…(To give you the picture: My father works in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia and we visit him during the Summer hols)

But, we altered the plan a little and decided to come over in December, so that we would be able to fulfill one of the pillars of Islam. So… I set off from Karachi on Sunday morning. At the Karachi airport, I toyed with their free-Internet Service: I logged on “Mugglenet” –which I hadn’t touched for ages– and checked the ‘Caption Contest’ –Harry potter fans should check it out sometimes! It is really very funny :D

On the plane, my sisters and I settled onto “Valiant” a cute, funny, Disney movie about an under-sized pigeon trying to find his place in the pigeon squad that carry messages across the enemy line during World War 2. Nice movie to pass away the time with the motto: "Some pigeons eat crumbs, others make history"

*Giving off steam* But, halfway through the T.V screens went berserk and the movie got stuck. Even after I informed a flight attendant about the problem, the screens remained jammed as ever and I spent the rest of the time eating choclolata and sleeping~ Nevertheless, the plane landed at Riyadh with ease and after having a short submarine lunch at ‘Kudu’, my sisters, my mother and I relaxed in the Ladies Prayer room –the Prayer room was packed with cute, adorable children. Naturally, it wasn’t difficult to pass away the time :D

On the flight to Tabuk, all the kids jumped around like crazy and seemed to have been fed with tons of sugar. One of the kids started swinging from the luggage compartment and the others just ran up and down the length of the planes… :D I have never seen children that restless.

In Tabuk, the roads, the cars and the car seats can be described in no less than a word than ‘huge’
The city was so peaceful compared to Karachi… No ‘thelewaalaas’ or hawkers, no rickshaws, no donkey-carts, no big noisy truck horns on small motorcycles (Really! That happens…) ha ha

But, no matter how noisy it may be, I miss it! Almost all my cousins and friends are there…The noise is what makes it I’m even missing all the Hotel weddings and ‘Mehndis’ in December with yummy ice cream and chicken tikka and halwaas…Mmmmmm….

On second thought: ‘Nah!’ Hajj is worth all the weddings and more ;)

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